Italian Cars: Ferrari , Fiat Motor Company, Alfa Romeo

These days, over 90% of the Italian automotive market is owned by Fiat. In addition to the popular Fiat brand alone, the brand owns other names that will ring more familiar to Americans: Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari, and Maserati are all products of the Fiat Company. Italian cars have become known the world over for […]
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Italian Car Brands Produced the Most Exotic Italian Cars

Italian car brands have been producing some excellent vehicles and most exotic Italian cars. Cars are the second best investments after houses. It is definitely a matter of pride to own a high quality, luxurious and best performing cars.  The Italian car brands have been in news since the 1890’s and the car industry offers employment to […]
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Italian Car Brands – The Best Of Italian Cars

Whether you are looking for luxury or sport, Italian cars are all designed with style and in the most accurate ways, which ensures the customers that they are making the right decision. Italian cars can be found all around the world, as the financial backdrop does not stop the Italian automotive industry to deliver a […]
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