Sport Cars Vs Muscle Cars

Don’t use the terms “sports car” and “muscle car” interchangeably in your head. A muscle car is a specific kind of high performance car that is large and powerful. A sports car, on the other hand, is a high performance car that is usually smaller than its muscle car cousin.Sports cars are typically two-seaters that […]
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Two Popular Muscle Cars

The muscle car is something that isn’t as popular in production as it once was. When we talk about muscle cars, we aren’t just talking about high performance cars. To be a true muscle car, we are talking about coupes with powerful V8 engines. There are plenty of small high-performance cars and over tuned small […]
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Muscle car lover: Greatest muscle cars of all time!

Are you a muscle cars lover looking for the best muscle cars of all time? You are on the right place. These ultra-powerful iron beasts are usually big, heavy, fast, rude and loud, and can be a good investment in time. Nowadays, there are only few manufacturers that produce cars that can be categorized as […]
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